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Feb. 20th, 2008 10:18 am
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Microchip was a piece of cake. They are ready now. I am in the process of filling out the paperwork. Got enough heartworm med for about 9 months, too.

No wonder I never have any money.


Feb. 20th, 2008 06:48 am
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Birds cleaned dogs walked.

Now I need to take a shower and get ready to take the dogs for their microchips. I certainly hope it is painless, then I need to come home and enter all their info.
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Almost time to walk dogs.

I find myself lots of time to kill lately. I want to really clean the house, but close to when we leave. I did get my cheap printer that I take in the motorhome working with new ink jets.

I need to load up the clothes I want to take with me. Cameras, Ipods, computer, etc will go in last. We have to have enough room for Bird seed and dog food. We could leave this weekend, but that is just a little too early, so we will just goof off for a while, and hit it heavy next week.

Tomorrow the dogs get micro-chipped.

I think I will go into town today just to goof off.
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Well now that we decided to adopt Trader formally, we have also decided to microchip both of them. I actually wish they had gps capabilities, too, but will feel better when traveling if they have chips.

One of my lj friends,[ profile] kf_in_georgia just let me know hers are chipped and the good reasons for doing it, so I will take them next week.

Almost dog walking time.


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