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I might have mentioned this before, but our neighbors across the street walked away from their mobile home when we were in Texas. Second one on our street this year. People are just upside-down in them I guess. I doubt we could get what we have in this one, but we don't owe anything on it, so we are ok. We don't want to move anyway.

I am still waiting for my new furniture to arrive. I still can not believe I spent that much on it. I hope I like it, lol.
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Here are the results of our trip to Lazyboy. A sofa and a loveseat with a center console
Custom ordered blue gray leather, not quite as blue as the pics I hope.

It will take 6-8 weeks to get them. The leather was expensive, but so were the pieces, might as well get what I want or nothing.

We can not be trusted with money.
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MDH is just about finished with the entertainment center and has moved it into the house. It just needs some knobs on the two front doors. It really looks great. He did a great job on this piece, IMHO. I also put a picture of the shelves that we were using.
Feb, 24, 2007 Entertainment Center Feb, 24, 2007 Entertainment Center
Our new entertainment center that MDH built with the plasma TV on top
Old Shelves Old Shelves
New Entertainment center New Entertainment center
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Cedar lined bench chest Cedar lined bench chest
mdh just finished this cedar lined bench chest. I put our extra floor rugs in it.
Headboard Headboard
I just love this piece. This matches the bench. Want to come and stay in our spare room?


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