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Well I did it. Dumbed down my cell phone. I did finally get "Old Time Rock and Roll" as my ringtone again, but that is the only thing I changed. I got it paired with my car for hands free calling and an earphone.

The girl who tried changing over my contacts only got about one quarter transferred. I ended up doing them manually. Kept me busy for an hour or two, now I am cranky, but the phone is just fine for my needs. It is much smaller than my Droid Razr. The droid is now on ebay.

Todays transaction cost me zero dollars and will save me over $300 per year. Quite a switch from the usual. I used a phone I bought on ebay because Roy kept washing his. I ordered another back up. What a savings to not get the phone from Verizon.
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Alltel seems to be having some web site problems today.

I put my two old cell phones and my air card up on ebay today. I hope the air card and phone sell. They both were pretty expensive items. My old phone is, well old.
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I am glad to be home.

Today we have to go get a new cell phone, or see if we can activate the old one.
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MDH's cell is dead/dying. We are going to the Alltel store tomorrow. I have an old one that might work but if we extend our contract for two more years, maybe we can get 2 "free" phones. I really don't need a new one, but always good to have a spare. Also, since we had the land line disconnected, I am sure we will not change providers any time soon. I have been well pleased with alltel anyway.

Anyone have any particular phones they like?


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