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Just dropped Roy off to pick up the car and pay them the $750. Cheaper than a new one!!
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The car estimate is in. It is the rear end and it is $750. Joy. Oh well, still much less than a new car, lol.

Wednesday we take it in. We need to have it done. I want to drive to Atlanta in less than a month to pick my sister up from the airport.
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Walked the dogs through the fog. My car (7 years old) that we just put new tires on and replaced tie rod ends, and either upper or lower ball joints now has a whine in it. Whatever it is, you can bet it is going to be expensive. However, not as expensive as a new car, so it goes in today and they will give us the good news.

Our car looks very good, but is starting to fall apart. We have another car that is only 2 years old. We really don't need to buy another car right now, so we will keep fixing this one. I like this one actually. We usually hang on to our cars for a lot of years.
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Tomorrow is our short trip to Dothan for our Meet and Greet at Petsmart on Saturday. We want to go to Camping World to look at a couple of things then to the Kia dealer to look at cars to tow. We saw a Geo Tracker that would work at the Chevy dealer, but I think it is a little pricey for a used vehicle.

This will be BeBe's first meet and greet. Hopefully it will be good for her socialization.

I might take the laptop, they say they have high speed in the office and laundry at the campground. Wireless 'soon to come'. We shall see.


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