Feb. 12th, 2017

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My great neighbor called yesterday, they are out of town for about 2 weeks in the Tampa area and Orlando visiting relatives. Their granddaughter is having another baby. Both granddaughters will now have 2 babies each and I don't think either is even 20. Their daughter (both granddaughters mother) is living with them as well as one granddaughter and her so. and 2 babies.

Anyway, she called me yesterday because her daughter and one granddaughter were taking care of the 3 dogs because they were on a trip and going to a baby shower for the other granddaughter in Tampa. The daughter was not invited because the lady (other grandmother) did not invite her for drama reasons. Anyway the daughter left for a couple of days as well as the one granddaughter leaving the dogs with no one to take care of them, she asked me to go at least let them out. They had been there alone over 24 hours. Never have I seen such a terrific mess. They got into the garbage and the whole house was like an episode of hoarders. My friend is a neat housekeeper, by the way. It was disgusting. Dirty dishes piled up, diapers drug out of the garbage, no way I can clean it up. I would not know where to start. I sent her pictures. She needs to kick their sloppy asses out of there so they can have a life. What kind of people would go off and leave dogs alone for days? It is beyond me. I will go down and let the dogs in and out and make sure they have food and water. They had no food available when I first saw the place.


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