Feb. 6th, 2017

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I have not been doing much since I got back from the tournament. Just regular stuff around here, and one bridge game in Fort Walton on Saturday with a friend who is an excellent player. We had a very nice game. This is our second time as partners.

Today I am going to another friend's house to help them learn the game. I really do not like teaching, but I really like these people, so it is ok. They are all pretty busy, so don't meet all that often.

I talked to my BFF in the Atlanta area. I want to make a trip up to her house, but we need to figure out a good time for both of us. I need to take the dog with me on this trip so I don't need to pay a dog sitter, and she will be happier going, I think. My friend has no fenced yard so I will need to take her out on a leash which is a pia, but that is the way it is. I miss my friend, and we both get lonely. Her husband (also our bff) died almost a year to the day before Roy)

Tomorrow I take the car in for it's regular mainenance. Roy used to do that, so I will be sitting and waiting at the Buick place.


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