Jan. 17th, 2017

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Well today is dog bed washing day. Next week is the bridge tournament in Destin, so I will be gone a lot. I have a dog sitter for two nights, and will drive in a couple of other days. When I play in a late session, I don't want to drive the 50+ miles home.

Mostly I stay home, and go to bed early and read or watch tv. It will be strange having things to do all day, and late at night.

This week I start a class for bridge at the college. It is probably too much a beginner class for me, but I always learn something from it. I have played against the teacher and I think she will be good at teaching. (She told me I could probably teach this class) She is not right. I would be a lousy teacher.

I also promised to fill in at bridge here at the senior center. I want to see some of the people, I do not go for the bridge game.

I think I will take Honey to get her nails clipped and to go for a car ride. I want to make sure she is comfortable in the back seat. She had issues the first time since she was use to the suv where the back opened and she just jumped in. The second time in the car she was better. I got one of those sling seat protector things and it helps so she doesn't get thrown on the floor.


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