Jan. 12th, 2017

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The past 2 days have been just a little miserable. I did something to my back on Monday just sitting and putting on my shoes that made my lower back very painful. I usually do not have back problems, but this was very sore. It has happened once or maybe twice before. It seems better today. I also had some kind of stomach bug yesterday that seems to also have gotten better. Hopefully I will live.

I did manage to get the dog poo picked up yesterday. It really bugs me when I know I need to do it. Honey is no help at all. She thinks it is play time.

Today the handyman is coming. I don't have a whole lot for him to do, but maybe he can get rid of some leaves in the carport and change the water filters. This is an expense that I can't see getting rid of. Some things I just can not do.


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