Jan. 11th, 2017

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Whew, practicing for this upcoming tournament with an experienced partner is getting to me. Might be because he is so hyper, too. He was pretty hard on me yesterday. He exhausts me. Saturday I am playing with an excellent partner who asked me to play. I am looking forward to learning a lot from her, and she really is an expert and seems much more tolerant.

Why, at 71, do I think I need to improve my game so much? I guess it is good to challenge yourself sometimes, but ...

Today is another one of those exciting days. I get to pick up the yard and just do misc stuff around here. It has warmed up again.

Yesterday I had to order a new warm jacket. The one I had was made of some kind of stuff and it was flaking off. It was pretty old, but still. Some kind of man made stuff. I had a pair of warm boots that did that once, too.

Since my income has been slashed, it is hard for me to afford some things, but I needed a warm coat. I also had car insurance and home owners. Most came out of savings, but I am too poor not to have insurance, lol.

I am trying to buy necessities only, but then I got the smart phone, and am paying for the tournament, and the motel, and the dog sitter. That will be my major expense for a while.


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