Jan. 6th, 2017

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Yesterday was a good day. The neighbors asked me to lunch and Honey jumped into the car right away.

The day after Trader went to the Rainbow Bridge, I decided to take Honey to get her toe nails clipped. I had to muscle her into the car. I literally lifted her into the car. I almost did not make it. Then the tech helped me to load her coming home from the vets. Now she has traveled many times in our suv, but never in the back seat of a car, so that spooked her I guess. I got one of those sling type things that fits over the back seat to protect the car and keep the dog from falling on floor. It worked pretty well, so now I might take her with me if I can sometimes.

Bridge in FWB today. My partner and I are trying to get a couple of games in before the tournament in a couple of weeks.


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