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I got a letter yesterday about a possible problem with my whole house generator. Now that is one of the most expensive things I have so I can not ignore it. I called the company that installed it to come out to check it. If the problem exists, there is no charge. If it does not exist, there is an $80 charge. That seems unfair to me. At the same time I am going to have them do the maintenance on it. We have the maintenance kit Roy bought it and was planning on doing it himself. Unfortunately, I will just have to pay for this since I can't ignore it.

Dog beds are clean, my sheets are in the washer, and a few other chores I hope will get done later. I slept in until 5am today. Honey does not usually get up until after I do. I sincerely hope she is not bored to death with just the two of us. I just can't have two since I could not even put two in my car comfortably.

Went to lunch with a friend yesterday after bridge. It was nice to have company.


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