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Handman came yesterday. Mowed the whole lot, weed eated, swept out Roy's shop (which just has a few things left in it) Did a few other odds and ends and worked for about 15 hours over 2 days. Now I can't afford for him to come and work that much, but these things needed to be done. I am going to try to have him come for 4-5 hours twice a month. I know the lawn will need mowing that often. He trimmed a few things, too. He is a hard worker. Amazing how much Roy did around here. I sold most all the tools including the lawn mower that I could not seem to steer. If I was mowing, it would take a totally different and expensive mower. This guy uses a (gas) push mower.
Today my friend and I are going to the pool for water aerobics. I have not been for over a month. I don't like going to the indoor pool in Crestview, but I need to do something.
Honey is not eating today. I hope she feels better tonight. She doesn't act sick, sometimes her tummy just rumbles. She was out running this morning.
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