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Had lunch out for a friend's birthday yesterday after bridge class at the college. Not much going on all week then 2 things in one day! I have not been playing as much bridge, kind of taking a little break.

I might call this one gal I like to play with and see how her husband did with his check up and find out if she is free to play. We had such a good partnership the last time we played and she is an excellent player. I can learn so much from her.

I have quite a few little chores to get done today.

The handyman I use is really a scatterbrain! He was supposed to come Wednesday, he got everything screwed up (this happened before, too) and did not come. I had just talked to him the day before. I am giving him a calendar if I ever see him again. He is supposed to come next week. I have a few things for him to do and to at least mow the back yard, clean shed, etc. I can not afford him too much but it would be nice if he came when I had money to pay him.


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